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Related article: Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2010 14:02:52 -0400 From: cmm cmm Subject: My Adventures With Benny Chapter 2Disclaimer: All rights reserved by author. This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters and places are the product of my imagination the author. If by chance this story resembles to any person or event it is purely coinsidentual. This story contains sexual relations between male/male, father/son, adult/minor insest and other types of sexual activity. By continuing to read this you affirm that you are of legal age to read this material and that this material is legal in your present location or area. My Adventures With Benny Chapter 2Ever since that first hot and terrifying experience that took place in the restroom with my godfather and his son, I was even more excited around him and was on an even bigger mission to see his uncut cock. Barely a year had passed since the restroom adventure and it looked as if I'd be getting another chance. It was spring break Lolita Top List and our two families, my parents, younger sister and brother and myself and Benny and his wife along with their three kids, two daughters and of course Manuel. We all decided to go camping for the week, well we were to be on the road early in the morning and be there by the afternoon, as soon as we got there we'd all go for a swim in the lake so everyone was told to wear their swimsuits under their clothes and of course I didn't listen and it's a good thing I didn't.As soon as we got there everyone was headed to the lake and that's when I told my parents that I needed to go change which they weren't too happy about but luckily my godfather Benny stepped up and said "I have to go change as well so y'all go on ahead to the lake and we'll go change up at the showers and we'll meet y'all there in just a bit" my parents were fine with it and we went off in our two different ways.When we walked into the shower/changing room it was completely empty we were in there all alone. So we just stood there starring at each other making small talk then he took of his shirt and I couldn't take my eyes off his hot body, that was until he snapped his shirt Lolita Top List at me and smiled and said "C'mon kiddo we can't be away too long they're waiting for us" so I took my shirt off and then my shorts, I was in my boxers when I saw him pull down his shorts and his boxers. I was in a state of shock, what I had longed to see for so long was standing right in front of me just inches away. He looked to be half hard and his uncut cock was mouthwatering, he looked like a dream, he was clearly enjoying the attention that I was giving him because he began to grow harder and he kept smiling at me. Then he said "C'mon get changed" as he pulled my boxers down for me, he continued "C'mon, if you're a good boy I'll let you stare at it some more later" with that I pulled up my trunks as did he and we walked out of the shower/changing room side by side with his arm around me, our bare upper bodies touching. I thought to myself "this is going to be a very HARD week for me."A night had passed before anything else happened, but the wait was well worth it. The guys would go shower at night and in shifts, so my dad had taken my little brother and Manuel along with him to shower, then it was mine and Benny's turn. So we headed up to the showers and as he was driving he asked me to hold his clothes for him and being the tease that he was he put his underwear right on top for me to look at. Call it luck or call it fate but once again we got to the showers no one was there, we were all alone again.When we walked into the empty shower room we both put our clothes and towels down then went into the restroom stalls, I went in to pee and Benny went in there to get himself hard I think. When I came out of the stall and back into the shower room he was shirtless and just pulling down his shorts and underwear, there I stood looking at his white hairless ass with the exception of faint hairs along his crack, and when he bent over his cheeks parted a bit and I caught a glimpse of his hole. Then he turned around completely rock hard and smiling at me saying "C'mon get naked and let's shower!" So I began to strip down and walked out of the changing area and into the actual shower room. When I rounded the corner I saw him playing with the faucet and his cock. He said "These aren't working, we'll have to share this one shower head if that's ok with you?" I nearly jumped out of my skin with excitement and told him "I don't mind if you don't!" He smiled and said "Good let's get started then!"So there we stood all alone under the cool water of a warm Texas evening, both of us rock hard and me trembling with nerves and anticipation. Conveniently he forgot to bring any soap or shampoo with him and asked if I could share what I had. So he used the shampoo fist and then set the bottle down on the ground and when I bent down to pick it up for myself he moved in closer to be sure that my arm brushed against his hard cock, which I freaked about and apologized for. All he said was "It's ok, no big deal" so then he took the body wash first and lathered himself up and once again set the bottle down and this time when I bent over to pick it up, he brushed up behind me and when my butt cheeks parted from bending over he made sure his cock was aligned with my crack and when I stood up my cheeks gently crasped his cock and we both felt this. He played it off by "freaking out" and said "Hey, hey, hey! What are you doing?" I responded "I'm so sorry Benny, I didn't realize you were so close" he was loving this, keeping me on pins and needles, making it seem like he wasn't making advances on me. So after that we were both still lathering our bodies and we were both dripping pre cum and pretended not to notice this on each other. Then as I was rinsing off I made the comment that the cool water felt great, and in response to this all he did was stare at me as he began to stroke his hard uncut cock and said "Yeah it does feel great, but not as nice as how this feels" that was it for me I took the bait. I said "You mean jacking off? You still do that?" he said "Yeah! Why wouldn't I? I'm a man with needs and I need to do this to blow a load." So with him raising his eyebrows at me, then at his cock he mumbled if I wanted to suck his cock, I asked "So you want me to suck it?" he responded "Hey I didn't say that! But if you want to, you can."With that I dropped to my knees, I grasped his rock hard uncut cock in my hand and pulled the skin back and I opened my mouth and took in his meat. Oh he tasted so good! The taste of his pre cum on my tongue with the feeling of his cock head at the back of my throat was fantastic. He moaned and said "Oh yeah Chris you like that don't you? You like sucking my cock don't you faggot?" I just moaned in agreement as I sucked all 7inches and stroked my own leaking cock. He started getting more into it and he ran his fingers through my hair before he filled both fists with my hair and began to thrust and fuck my face. Both my hands were on his ass just squeezing each cheek. He got more vocal saying "Si maricon chupa la verga! (yes faggot suck that dick) you like sucking my big mexican cock, don't you my young little gay boy?" Looking up at him I released his cock from my mouth and said "Oh yes Benny! I love it! Please give me more! PLEASE!" "Ok baby! Suck it as much as you want! Suck it till I shoot my cum down your throat! And make sure you swallow Lolita Top List every drop or else I won't give you anymore!" he answered back.His thrust were becoming faster and harder, his balls were slapping my chin and I knew he would be blowing his load soon. So I sucked harder until I heard him moaning more and louder and he said "Fuck yeah! Suck it! Suck it boy! I'm gonna cum! Hear it cums boy! OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH Yeah! UUUUUHH OOOOOHHHHHH swallow it faggot! Uh Yeah! Ummm did you enjoy my cum?" he pulled his plump cock out of my mouth and I said "Oh yes! Thank you Benny! It was good! I want more! Please!" He squeezed one last drop of cum from his cock head and said "Lick it off boy! And jack off! I want you to show me how much you enjoyed my cock and my cum" so I did. I licked off his drop of cum and jacked off, as I began to lick his balls and while he rubbed his cock over my face. I began moaning and he knew I was about to cum, he told me "Stand up boy and cum on my cock" "Yes sir" I said. So I jumped up and shot my cum all over his cock and his balls, I even got some in his bush. I was so weak in my knees that I leaned forward a bit onto him, so he spanked my ass and said "Look what you've done you dirty little faggot! You made a mess on me! Get back on your knees boy and clean me up!" So I dropped to my knees again and inhaled his cock once again and I began to clean his cock of my cum, then I licked and clean every drop off his balls and right when I moved back thinking I was done he grabbed my head and forced my face into his bush making me clean my cum off of it. "I did say to clean all of it you dirty boy!" he said.Then when I was all done he allowed me to stand up and said "Damn boy! You're so good at sucking cock, I wonder if your parents know what kind of dirty little faggot they have for a son. But don't worry I won't tell them, as long as you do what I Lolita Top List say, when I say. You got it?" "Yes sir!" I said. "Now we better rinse off really quick and get back to camp" he said, and just as if nothing happened that's what we did.Well guys that's the end of Ch.2 Thanks for reading and enjoying Ch1. I hope this was just as good.Ch.3 is cumming soon! Remember feedback is always and greatly appreciated!
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